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Sports rorts back in the spotlight after PM drawn further into controversy – politics live | Australia news

We found out that $10 million was spent by this government for ‘the noted country town of North Sydney’ so that it could get a swimming pool upgrade, which is fantastic!

When challenged on why North Sydney got $10 million, in another example of the rorts that have been uncovered in the last few months, the mayor described this as a totally justifiable decision on the basis that people from the country would swim in North Sydney and this would justify a regional grant. I’ve heard of Pitt Street farmers but not Boorowa backstrokers – and that’s what this is facilitating in this place.

The member for North Sydney is singing ‘I’ve been everywhere man’ – from Waverton to Wollstonecraft, from Mosman to Artarmon, from Chatswood to Cremorne, from Naremburn to Castlecrag!

This is a joke. It goes to show you how bad this government is when they try to funnel into North Sydney $10m of money that was supposed to support the regions.

But who knows, this could be a plan by the member for North Sydney to usurp the deputy prime minister by becoming a National party MP in North Sydney.

I think this is what we are looking at; they could have a National party MP from North Sydney. That’s the type of A-grade rorting that the National party has become renowned for – and now they’re bringing it to North Sydney.

What an absolute embarrassment it is that you could use taxpayer funds in that way.


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