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Missing Florida woman found dead in car trunk in Tennessee; search underway for suspect: reports

A search got underway for a suspect Wednesday after the body of a missing Florida woman was found in the trunk of a car in Tennessee, according to reports.

Anna Primavere, 36, had been missing since last Friday, according to police in her hometown of Titusville, Fla. Her body was discovered Wednesday in Lebanon, Tenn.

“Sadly, for everyone involved, this ended in the worst-case scenario,” Lt. Chris Deloach of the Titusville police investigations unit told Florida Today.


Anna Primavere, 36, missing since last Friday from her hometown of Titusville, Fla., was found dead Wednesday in Lebanon, Tenn., authorities say. (Titusville Police Department)

The cause of Primavere’s death was not immediately known. But Titusville police said they believe a suspect named Courtney Dawn Gibson, 28, “likely killed Primavere in a violent manner between 7 p.m. and midnight Feb. 21, FOX 17 of Nashville reported.

Investigators say they believe Primavere’s body was then transported to Tennessee, the Tennessean of Nashville reported.

Police in Tennessee had obtained a warrant to search the car, owned by Courtney Dawn Gibson, who is now being sought by police after last being seen Sunday, the newspaper reported.

Gibson was hired to babysit a child of the landlord at the house where Primavere was renting a room, police said.

Doorbell video recorded Saturday showed Gibson driving away from the Florida home with a mattress on the roof of her vehicle, and Primavere’s family later reported that Primavere was missing from her room.

Courtney Gibson is being sought in connection with the discovery of a Florida woman's body in Tennessee, authorities say. (Titusville Police Department)

Courtney Gibson is being sought in connection with the discovery of a Florida woman’s body in Tennessee, authorities say. (Titusville Police Department)

The mattress later fell off the vehicle and Gibson burned it by the side of the road, according to FOX 17.

Gibson was reached by police Sunday but refused to cooperate with investigators, then later disappeared, the Tennessean reported.


The suspect is believed to have left Tennessee, Florida Today reported.

The car was located at her parents’ home, the newspaper reported.

Authorites in Florida and Tennessee are cooperating on the investigation, reports said.


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