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Coronavirus to cost Australia’s GDP ‘at least’ 0.5% as stimulus package planned – politics live | Australia news

Mr McCormack, who is playing a central role in the bushfire recovery process led by Andrew Colvin, also launched an attack on state governments and suggested the commonwealth had been left with the heavy lifting. The Transport and Infrastructure minister said on both coronavirus and bushfire responses, the state governments have to “stump up too”.

‘It really ­annoys me that I think states have been let off the hook largely this summer,’ he said.

‘Everything has fallen in the lap of the federal government. The states — some of their members have come out swinging, and swinging hard, when in fact they needed to look a little bit closer in their own backyard to see that their own governments, and some of them were in government, weren’t doing enough and weren’t doing anything, quite frankly.’

Mr McCormack said that under the federation model, the state governments take on responsibility as ‘first responders’ and had performed that role in fighting the fires.

‘But as far as the recovery ­efforts, again the states first and foremost rely on us when they call us, but we can’t do it all as a commonwealth because that’s their obligation and responsibility.’


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