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7/28/2020 Crowley/Otero COVID-19 Update #1: Lewis Bolt and Nut COVID-19 Workpla…

2020-07-28 13:00:22

7/28/2020 Crowley/Otero COVID-19 Update #1: Lewis Bolt and Nut COVID-19 Workplace Outbreak

Please take the time to read and understand this entire message.

Hello to all. OCHD has been investigating COVID-19 cases at Lewis Bolt and Nut, and late yesterday afternoon we were informed that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has designated Lewis Bolt & Nut as a COVID-19 workplace outbreak. This means that Lewis Bolt and Nut will appear on the CDPHE outbreak spreadsheet. We are very early in the investigation so we do not have a full picture yet. The staff of Lewis Bolt and Nut have been working very closely and cooperatively with OCHD, and we very much appreciate that. Isolation and quarantine have been mandated for appropriate staff, and at this point Lewis Nut and Bolt does not have to shut down. Lewis Bolt and Nut has also issued a news release, please see it directly below this one.

Until next time,

Richard Ritter, Executive Director
Otero County Health Department
13 West 3rd Street, Room 111
La Junta, Colorado 81050
719-383-3045 (Office)
719-383-3060 (Fax)

Lewis Bolt & Nut Company has been working closely with the Otero County Health Department since March, seeking advice and implementing workplace policy to limit the potential of workplace spread of the Covid-19 virus. We have now confirmed two cases of Covid-19 at Lewis Bolt and are classified as a workplace outbreak. Working closely with the health department we will continue to sanitize, use social distancing, utilize mask-wearing prohibit outside visitors, and other precautions already in place. In addition to this, we will provide testing to our entire facility as soon as possible. Lewis Bolt, as always, is committed to providing a safe workplace for all of our employees.
Mark Paper, President
Brett McIntosh, Plant Manager


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