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On #WhyWeServeWednesday, we present why Deputy Knutson enjoys serving her commun…

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2020-07-29 12:58:30

On #WhyWeServeWednesday, we present why Deputy Knutson enjoys serving her community.

"El Paso County, Colorado, is what I know. I’ve been a member of this community since I was four years old. I recall at a young age about, “getting it”, as it relates to service to others, as my father served this great nation in the capacity of a soldier with the United States Army.

I was unsure what it would look like, but I knew I wanted to be in uniform, whether in the military, in law enforcement, or yes, even a firefighter. 😉 I got my chance over 14 years ago to serve my community as an El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy. I was so inspired by this position, that several years after I started my law enforcement career, I enlisted into the Air Force Reserve and have been a traditional reservist for over 11 years now.

There is no greater satisfaction or fulfillment than to be in service to others. I am fortunate to be a part of one of the most noble of professions. Getting justice for a victim, or being there for someone in crisis, is most rewarding and keeps my spirit and soul “hungry” for more opportunities to help others. I am fueled by the many heroes I work alongside, creating a strong desire within myself to be a better deputy, military member, and most importantly, a better person."

Deputy Knutson is a BHCON (Behavioral Health Connect Unit) Deputy.

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