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JOB POSTING: Application may be obtained from and returned to: Colorado Workfo…

2020-08-04 18:25:04

Application may be obtained from and returned to:
Colorado Workforce Center
140 North Commercial Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone (719)846-9221
Fax (719)846-7594

Job Posting #CG 2020-09 (A-J)

The Temporary/Part-Time Maintenance Custodian has primary responsibilities at all Las Animas County owned buildings, facilities and grounds;

SALARY: The Temporary/Part-Time Maintenance Custodian is an hourly position. The rate is $15.00 per hour.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Maintenance Custodian shall perform various Covid-19 custodial-related work tasks including but not limited to cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing of building interior corridors, hallways, offices, elevators, restrooms, breakrooms, etc.; the custodian shall assure adherence to all Safety Regulations and practices; shall assure proper maintenance of facilities, equipment, tools and assigned vehicles; is responsible for the general custodial upkeep of all county owned facilities and properties.

The Maintenance Custodian shall:
• Accomplish assigned maintenance duties in an efficient manner;
• Track and record work time;
• Comply with applicable operational rules, safety regulations, policies and guidelines;
• Prepare and maintain a daily work assignment/activity diary for assigned duties, tasks and projects;
• Document compliance regarding proper operation/use of equipment, personal safety requirements and maintenance of assigned equipment and vehicles;
• Interact positively with other county personnel and the general public in the performance of his/her duties, requiring common courtesy and teamwork;
• Perform other related duties, as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Maintenance Custodian shall be able to articulate and demonstrate a working knowledge of the proper principles and practices abilities to perform the following:
• Project planning, including determination of equipment and materials necessary to accomplish a completed task within a determined time frame;
• Preparation of a maintenance equipment assignment in conformance with appropriate safety rules and regulations;
• Preparation of an equipment servicing and maintenance assignment;
• Preparation of a safety work plan for all tasks within the assigned facilities;
• Demonstration of a working knowledge of various types of equipment, tools and materials used in the maintenance of assigned facilities;

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: The Maintenance Custodian works under the supervision of the Building Maintenance Supervisor.

DEMONSTRATED WORKING KNOWLEDGE: The Maintenance Custodian shall demonstrate working knowledge and ability to:
• Prepare and discharge verbal and written instructions;
• Properly operate equipment utilized in the process of assigned facility maintenance;
• Read, interpret and apply written directives including manual provisions;
• Demonstrate reading, writing and verbal communication skills;
• Operate maintenance equipment and motor vehicles;
• Make independent decisions;
• Prepare work plans with implementation and evaluation of multiple priorities/functions;
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors, subordinates and the general public;
• Apply effective problem solving-skills in a variety of circumstances;
• Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS, WORK SCHEDULE AND ENVIRONMENT: The Maintenance Custodian shall be subject to successful passage of a drug test and a medical/physical examination by the county’s designated doctor, verifying physical fitness to perform all listed work duties;

The Maintenance Custodian shall be required from time to time to lift, carry, drag, or push objects or equipment weighing 50 pounds or more; may be required to stoop, bend, stretch, twist, reach, kneel, squat and balance, sit, stand or walk for long periods of time; must be able to work in a daylight and night environment as well as in confined spaces; must be able to work outdoors in a hot, cold, dry or wet environment; and must possess good cognitive skills and awareness of work accuracy.

The Maintenance Custodian shall be required to use personal safety equipment while on duty, including safety footwear, hard hat, safety glasses and such other safety clothing when working conditions require.

The Maintenance Custodian duties involve substantial physical work effort in potentially challenging conditions of heat, cold or dampness.

The Maintenance Custodian shall be subject to on-call response and may be required to work during nighttime, weekend and holidays to respond as needed with ample notification.

MINIMUM EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: The Maintenance Custodian shall possess a High School diploma or GED.

LICENSES REQUIRED: The Maintenance Custodian shall possess a valid Colorado Driver’s License and shall submit documentation of driving history as reflected by an official record of the Colorado Motor Vehicles Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue.

FLSA: This position is categorized as non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Application may be obtained from and returned to:
Colorado Workforce Center
140 North Commercial Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone (719)846-9221
Fax (719)846-7594


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