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DIY WORKSHOP KITS The City of Cañon City is excited to kick-off the planning pr…


The City of Cañon City is excited to kick-off the planning process to create a new Comprehensive Plan for the community. The process to create The Plan has moved into its public outreach phase, and The Plan is scheduled to be complete by January 2021. The DIY workshop is one of many opportunities to be involved in planning for the future of Cañon City. These small group discussions will help us to reach as many Cañon City citizens as possible and ensure that the Comprehensive Plan is well informed by the community it will serve. During the workshop, attendees will be able to work individually and as a group to identify short and long term issues and opportunities in Cañon City. Input from all of the workshops will be analyzed to understand public opinion about issues and opportunities in the community.

DIY Workshop Kit packets are available to community groups and organizations within the Cañon City community who are interested in championing the planning process and encouraging others to get involved. These DIY Workshop Kit packets are designed to provide you with all the tools and information necessary to conduct your own community workshop.

The Comprehensive Plan has a dedicated website ( where you can keep up to date on the progress of the plan, complete a questionnaire, or create a map of the issues and opportunities you see in the City. Community input throughout the process is critical, and the website includes pages where one can participate, receive project updates, and review documents and plans as they are prepared.

We ask that all DIY Workshops and Packets be completed and turned in to the City by Friday, September 25, 2020. Please email City Planner Patrick Mulready at if you need a DIY packet emailed or printed out or if you have any questions about the DIY Workshop or Comprehensive Plan.

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