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To Chad Nash, The Real Estate Doctor of Compass, success is a constantly moving …

To Chad Nash, The Real Estate Doctor of Compass, success is a constantly moving target. He states, “There is always more. I believe that is what drives me. Once you hit a certain level, there are always additional levels to conquer.”

Chad grew up in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood and ran with a pretty tough crowd as a youth. He spent time in and out of the juvenile justice system and even did a quick stint in the adult justice system when he turned 18.

Graduating high school with a 1.97 GPA, he contends, “For the most part, you were either considered to be an athlete or associated with gangs, which in itself was not true, yet college wasn’t the ‘cool’ thing to pursue.”

Despite those challenging teenage years, Chad found his passion for education through the help of incredible mentors. Under the guidance of his high school advisor, Chad was admitted to Trinidad State Junior College. There, some upperclassmen took him under their wing and helped him mature academically. This experience inspired a lifelong interest in learning and helping younger students in his community view college as an obtainable option, even with a rough background. Pursuing further academic study, Chad traveled to the University of Northern Colorado, UNC for undergraduate, Arizona State University for his master’s degree, and the University of Colorado Boulder for his Ph.D. in Educational Policy, Research and Evaluation.

Chad made an indelible mark in the education field, contributing to educational evaluation, policy, and fundraising. He most recently served as the Senior Director of Fundraising and Community Relations for the largest charter school network in Denver.

We look forward to getting to know Chad more this month!

📷: merne judson the third / photographer

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