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On #WhyWeServeWednesday, we present why Sergeant Garrett enjoys serving his comm…

Police Car With Lights FLashing

2020-09-23 16:07:28

On #WhyWeServeWednesday, we present why Sergeant Garrett enjoys serving his community.

"My passion for law enforcement began as a youngster in front of the TV in the early 80’s watching Ponch and John on CHIPs chasing down the bad guys!

Serving in this capacity was something my head and heart held a passion for all through my adolescence. Throughout the past 17 years at the EPSO I have served in a variety of roles as a deputy in the Detentions Bureau as well as the Patrol Division. I am currently assigned as the Tactical Support Unit (previously known as, SWAT) sergeant.

I greatly enjoy representing the Office at community events in order to make a positive impression on the citizens we serve. Through it all, I’ve tried to make the central focus of my work “people” and using positive relationship to be the centerpiece of my efforts."

Sergeant Garrett has also served our great nation as a soldier in the United States Army from 1995-1999 and the United States Air Force from 2007-and currently serving. Thank you for your service!



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