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Autumn has arrived and it’s time to venture out and explore the beauty of the se…

Autumn has arrived and it’s time to venture out and explore the beauty of the season. One great fall activity is traveling to view the fall foliage. If you are planning a trip to see the leaves change this year, check out these tips to enjoy the season from our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

1. Know Before You Go – Spend some time planning your trip and avoid any potential disappointment.
2. Stick To Trails – While it’s tempting to find a new and unique spot to photograph, or to move to areas with a few less people, it’s important for our plants, trails and visitors that you stay the trail.
3. Trash Your Trash – If you’ll be spending time wandering through Colorado’s colors, you’re likely to need a drink, a snack or to tend to your pet’s needs. Don’t bring anything with you that you can’t pack out.
4. Leave It As You Find It – In this busy season, it’s especially important to only park in designated areas – undesignated parking destroys vegetation and encourages those coming up behind you to continue the trend. With over 40,000 miles of trails in Colorado, you can be sure to find the right spot by planning ahead.
5. Keep Wildlife Wild – While you may be hoping to spot the perfect cascade of yellow aspens, part of your experience may include seeing wildlife in their homes. Enjoy the moment by keeping your distance, using your zoom and letting our wildlife be wild!
6. Share Our Trails and Parks – Please be courteous and patient when on your journey! This is one of the busiest times of the year on our trails, so please be patient with other visitors and the staff working to help everyone have a great experience outdoors.

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