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Drawn Together Friday, November 6; 5:30 – 7:00 pm IDEA Place, Rocky Ford Conv…

2020-10-23 13:54:18

Drawn Together
Friday, November 6; 5:30 – 7:00 pm
IDEA Place, Rocky Ford

Converging Lines
For many, Southeastern Colorado is fly over country; large expanse you fly over, or drive through, on your way to a destination. People from Colorado's Front Range and central mountains consider it to be more a part of Kansas than of Colorado. They only see flat, empty country. After all, Colorado is all mountains and pine forests, right? But the plains country is home to a tenacious group of people as diverse as the terrain in which they live. From the rolling hills north of the Arkansas River, to the canyon country to the south, and the irrigated farm land in between, the land is their home and their livelihood. The Lower Arkansas Valley divides the region, but at the same time it is the central hub that binds it together – common ground.

In similar fashion, "Drawn Together" is a collaboration between two products of the region – Judy Figgins and Andy Pelster. The show will run the month of November in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Rocky Ford sits in the center of the Lower Arkansas Valley and marks the halfway point between our current homes. Judy currently lives near Vilas, Colorado, and Andy lives near Parker, Colorado.
Both come from remote ranching communities in Southeastern Colorado. While Andy grew up on the edge of the Box Springs community about 25 miles north of Ordway, Judy grew up in the White Rock community about 25 miles south of Fowler. Their families were pioneers in their separate communities. Judy's father, Cletus Martin, still runs the ranch at age 88. Andy’s wife's family and Judy's family were long-time neighbors, living only a few miles apart. Though Andy spent a lot of time in the White Rock area while they were dating, Judy and Andy never met. Andy was first introduced to Judy's art by his wife on Judy's Facebook page. Andy was immediately drawn to her art because their subjects are similar and because of Judy’s well-rendered detail.

While both work in graphite and charcoal, Judy rounds out her repertoire with color pencil and pastel. Their subjects and styles are similar, yet different enough that their art really compliments each other. While Andy’s art tends to be more figurative, Judy's tends to focus on animals.



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