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*******************UPDATE*********************** Ofc. Loghan O’Hayre reports th…

Police Car With Lights FLashing

Ofc. Loghan O’Hayre reports that the driver of the big rig was cited for Careless Driving. Turns out he didn’t wait for his pilot cars or for Traffic Officers to run interference for him before pulling onto I-25.

At about 1:30 a.m., crews finally got the truck with the wind tower motor off of the Bypass. It was on I-25, starting to straighten out & head south, when a pickup pulling a trailer slammed into the truck’s trailer. The pickup’s driver, who laid down about 100’ of skid before impact, said he didn’t see the huge rig. Sgt. Todd Coxen asked him if maybe he’d been looking up at the Bypass where the crews are working on getting the concrete barriers back in place, but he assured Sgt. Coxen that wasn’t it.

The driver’s not DUI & fortunately wasn’t injured. SB I-25 will now be closed for a while as officers work to get this cleared. But there is good news—the Bypass should be open again soon. The concrete barriers are almost all back in place.

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