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John Hewson says Liberals have ‘lost their roots’ on climate – politics live

Former party leader joins push for parliament to declare a climate emergency as Labor says Gladys Liu is ‘a test of Scott Morrison’s leadership’. All the day’s events, live

2.30am BST

So @GladysLiuMP office says there’s a statement coming – but not to Parliament where she faces penalties for misleading the House – and referring all questions to the Prime Minister’s office! So that’s unusual.

2.04am BST

Zed Seselja, who has obviously taken his shitstirrer tablet this morning, says he is unclear if Kim Carr is supporting the bill or not, because it has been “19 minutes” of talking the bill down.

Carr is having none of it. He says the government is ignoring the big issues and using things like this bill as a distraction.

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