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City Park Gate Project Update: Pueblo Parks and Recreation is excited to announ…

City Park Gate Project Update:
Pueblo Parks and Recreation is excited to announce the missing and damaged griffins have been successfully replicated and returned home to Pueblo this morning! Pueblo Parks and Recreation would also like to recognize artist, Huberto Maestas of San Luis for his dedication and beautiful work on our beloved griffins. In mid-June 2018, Huberto picked up the griffins to begin the long process of restoration which included repairing, creating molds and pouring the bronze replicas. In December of 2018, the griffins work in progress came to a halt when Maestas tradgically lost his entire workshop in an unexpected fire. Nevertheless, his work continued and our griffins are nothing less then extraordinary!

A huge thank you is also in order to everyone who has donated to this project, as it directly contributes to the quality of life for Pueblo citizens. The efforts surrounding the restoration and cleaning of the City Park east gate has sent a powerful message about the strength in our community’s pride. Keep an eye out for updates on the final phase of the City Park Gate Project!

Curious about the history of City Park and their gates? Read the full article, "The History of City Park: Entrance and Gates to the New City Park", written by George R. Williams at…/…/The-History-of-City-Park


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