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This week, we're proud to recognize Officer Ryan Neece of the Pueblo Police…

Police Car With Lights FLashing

This week, we're proud to recognize Officer Ryan Neece of the Pueblo Police Department!

Officer Neece joined the Pueblo Police Department in March of 2018. He is assigned to the operations division where he responds to calls for service as part of his regular duties. When he isn’t responding to those calls, he proactively looks for impaired drivers and makes it his mission to make our city safer by arresting those who choose to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He is passionate about his work and is quickly becoming a leader among his peers and a resource to those who need him.

In 2019, Officer Neece made 65 DUI arrests all while handling his regular patrol duties. He is leading the entire department in DUI enforcement arrests—which says a lot about his dedication to community safety in his short career thus far. You never know when you might be saving a life when you make a DUI arrest, but if that were the case; Officer Neece has saved many.

Thank you, Officer Neece, for your dedication to saving lives on our Colorado roads!

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