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At this morning's Board of County Commissioners meeting, Commissioners vote…

2020-05-14 18:00:10

At this morning's Board of County Commissioners meeting, Commissioners voted to approve a variance request to reopen restaurants in El Paso County with common sense safety precautions for patrons, staff, and business owners. Upon final approval by local hospitals, the carefully thought out plan will be sent to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for further review and approval.

You can read more about the proposed variance and what the suggestions the proposal makes for restaurants on our website, here:…/

Also, at today’s meeting, County Commissioners voted to share $37 million with the @CityofCOS, making that the first distribution of funds from the County’s CARES Act money. El Paso County received a total of about $125 million from the federal government under the CARES Act. All CARES Act money that was distributed to local governments across the country is specifically intended to fund each community’s response to COVID-19. El Paso County is focusing on using the money to promote recovery and resiliency in our region. The county plans to use the remainder of the CARES Act funds to share with other local municipalities, and to fund valuable county community programs that support El Paso County citizens most affected by COVID-19.


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