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An important note from Valley Chief Medical Officers: As we approach our holida…

An important note from Valley Chief Medical Officers:

As we approach our holiday weekend and warmer weather, please join us in showing respect for others by taking the following actions, based on science, research, and best practices:

1. Wear a mask while in public places. Science shows this virus is spread via respiratory droplets released when we talk, cough and sneeze. Wearing a face-covering while in public will reduce the spread of the illness. A person with no symptoms may be spreading the disease by singing, sneezing, talking, coughing, or sweating. Please make sure your mask covers your mouth and nose and watch your hand-face contact. You can infect yourself by adjusting the mask too much and repeatedly touching your face.

2. Avoid crowded spaces and continue to physically distance. Try to visit your friends and family outdoors and continue to keep six feet apart.

3. Wash your hands, even if they are not dirty. Wash with soap and water to rid your hands of germs. “I immediately wash my hands when I walk into my house. If I just left a store or public place, I use hand sanitizer that is in my car before touching my steering wheel,” commented Dr. Kris Steinberg.

We understand that you and your family are exhausted from distancing, you miss your loved ones, and you want to get back to your support groups, church and events. Please keep your mask up do not let your guard down!

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