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We have had an increase in vehicle break-ins recently and all of them are due to…

We have had an increase in vehicle break-ins recently and all of them are due to vehicles being unlocked. These “break-ins” are crimes of opportunity. Those who commit these crimes typically go down an entire street, from driveway to driveway, looking for unlocked cars. If they find a locked car, they move on until they find an unlocked one. The simple act of locking your car can decrease your chances of becoming a victim. We have also noticed, these recent thieves appear to be targeting military and law enforcement personnel and or individuals who have pro military and law enforcement stickers on their vehicles.
These incidents typically occur during the overnight hours and are not reported until the next morning when the owner recognizes property missing or out of place. The items most commonly taken from vehicles are:
· Wallets
· Firearms
· Cellphones
· Garage door openers
· High value property
In an effort to combat this problem, we encourage residents to employ some basic preventative measures:
· Disable your garage door by locking it at the control panel inside your garage every night (if your garage has that option).
· Lock your vehicles both in your garage and if your vehicle is not parked in the garage.
· Remove valuables from view.
· Do not leave any prescription medications or firearms in your vehicle.
· Leave home exterior lights on at night.
· Report any suspicious behavior to police during the overnight hours
· Report any incident where you believe someone has entered your vehicle without permission (i.e. glove box left open or items strewn about vehicle)
Those committing these crimes are known to have firearms and have used these firearms while committing these crimes.
Lastly – if you see something, say something!

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