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The El Paso County Jail Lobby Closure The El Paso County Jail, located at 2739…

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2020-08-19 16:54:17

The El Paso County Jail Lobby Closure

The El Paso County Jail, located at 2739 East Las Vegas Street, main lobby will be closed for remodeling beginning on August 19, 2020. This remodeling project is scheduled for completion on or about December 12, 2020.

The project will include the remodel of the lobby and front desk area; this will increase the health, safety and overall efficiencies for all those who utilize the Jail. We have remained committed to providing excellent customer service and improving many of our processes.

During the construction, we will continue to provide normal services to the public. Those members of the public seeking specific services such as bookkeeping, bonding, medical, property, and warrants will be directed to press the button on the speaker box located next to the North vehicle sally port door and will be provided instructions.

If you are depositing funds into an inmate’s account, please complete this transaction using the newly added Kiosk at our Video Visitation Building located at 2727 East Las Vegas Street. This building will be open daily from 8:00 AM through 1:45 PM and then again from 4:00 PM through 8:45 PM.

For the duration of the remodel, only one member of the general public will be allowed into our facility to complete a transaction; children are not allowed. No weapons are authorized beyond the exterior doors of the Jail. Bondsmen are encouraged to limit the amount of members of their group. Professional visitors have been provided information on making appointments prior to their visit. They will be rerouted to the North side of the Jail located in between the white housing structures (white tent-like structure) at the flag pole. They will be greeted by a staff member who will verify identification and credentials. Thereafter will undergo COVID-19 screening to allow access into our Jail.

The Jail sally port will not be affected during this time and will continue to receive and release inmates as usual. Deliveries will continue to report to the loading dock and are asked to press the speaker box to communicate.

Any questions should be directed to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Public Information Office.


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