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SRP Training Video ALL Credit to I Love You Guys Foundation

2020-08-25 08:34:57

With school starting-up tomorrow, the BVPD has been working diligently with school staff to train on school safety topics, including the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). It is important for students and parents to also be familiar with the SRP, so please take the time to watch this video, produced by the "I Love You Guys Foundation," the creators of the SRP. For those of you already familiar with the SRP, note that this year there is one distinct change to the SRP. Formerly, two of the main components were "Lockout" and "Lockdown." This year, "Lockout" has been changed to "Secure," to avoid confusion due to similar verbiage. "Secure" means the exterior doors to the school are locked due to an event outside the school, but business continues as usual within the school. A "Lockout" still means "Locks, Lights, and Out of Sight" due to a potentially dangerous event within the school. For more information on the SRP, please visit the "I Love You Guys Foundation" website, or stop by the BVPD table at back to school night tonight and tomorrow night, and chat with our SRO, Megan DiGiroloamo, and the other officers. The BVPD stands with our staff and students in ensuring a positive and safe learning environment. 🇺🇸

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