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Today’s winter weather has the potential to be a branch-breaking event. Here are…

Today’s winter weather has the potential to be a branch-breaking event. Here are some tree tips from our City Forester:

• If the tree is small enough, shake heavy, wet snow off the leaves, or use a broom handle or similar pole-like tool to help you reach. Shake, but do not strike the tree.
• Trees most susceptible to damage will be the ones with leaves still on them, which, unfortunately, right now, is all of them unless they’re dead. These are the softer, wooded trees like aspen, willow, cottonwood, linden and box elder. Conifers (evergreens) like ponderosa pine and Colorado blue spruce should be ok, they’re native. Ash and oaks have stronger wood so should be ok too, unless it’s a really heavy wet snow. In that case, there’s not much to be done.
• Trees under a heavy snow can be loaded with tension much like a bow loaded with an arrow. Approach cutting trees or branches that are bent over with extreme caution so that one doesn’t get struck by the release of the internal energy. Pruning of broken branches should wait until after the snow is melted.
• Find out if a tree is public or private by clicking the, “Is my tree a city tree?” button at…/street-tree-maintenance-reque…. If it’s a public tree, the fastest way to report damage is through the GoCOS! app.
• When it comes to power lines, if ANY tree is compromised or touching a power line, STAY AWAY from it and report it immediately to Colorado Springs Utilities at 719-448-4800.

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