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This week's tip comes from Animal Control Deputy Butler: You may not be aw…

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2020-09-12 18:26:30

This week's tip comes from Animal Control Deputy Butler:

You may not be aware but Fremont has a county wide leash law. A common misconception is that being out “in the country” means dogs are allowed to run free. With the exceptions of a designated dog park, National Forest, or BLM land a dog must be under physical restraint when off the property of his/her owner. Yes, this includes the back roads in the mountains.

The Riverwalk in Fremont County is not an exception to the leash law. A leash is commonly referred to “Your Pet’s Lifeline” and is a tool used for everyone’s safety. A leash will prevent your pup from approaching a working service animal and hindering his/her job. A leash can protect your dog from getting close to another dog that may be aggressive or reactive. As the unrestrained dog owner, you are responsible for the altercation that may ensue. Proper restraint will also prevent your dog from knocking over a person that may be unsteady on their feet, or prevent contact with a person who is highly allergic.

While we love our pets, not everyone appreciates the extra attention from Fluffy. so please be courteous with our open spaces and allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors.

1.020 Running At Large Prohibited

A. It is unlawful for the owner of any dog to permit the same to run at large as defined in this Resolution.

B. This prohibition against running at large shall not apply 1) to dogs actually working livestock, 2) to dogs locating or retrieving wild game in season for a licensed hunter, 3) to dogs assisting law enforcement officers, 4) or to dogs while actually being trained for these pursuits

“Run at Large”, and “Running at Large”, means any pet animal that is off or away from the premises of the owner, possessor, or keeper, thereof, and not under the control of such owner.

“Control”, means the actual physical restraint of an animal, when off or away from the premises of the owner, possessor or keeper thereof, by means of leash, cord or chain of not more than ten (10) feet in length.


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