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She was killed when a driver failed to stop for a school bus. A deputy is working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. | East Idaho News

2020-09-15 09:42:20

Addressing Traffic Enforcement Concerns: We receive numerous complaints about traffic in different areas of town, and the men and women of the BVPD take these complaints seriously. However, please understand, we also handle numerous other calls for service, some of which take precedence over traffic complaints. Also understand we are a small Department and we are short staffed right now, so prioritizing calls for service is sometimes a necessity. We received a traffic complaint on Rodeo Rd. yesterday that we simply did not have the resources to respond to, as our officers were also dealing with these other calls: a person with mental health issues creating a disturbance at a local church and then harassing a jogger on a nearby trail, a death investigation, a stalking case, a drug overdose, etc. Unfortunately, yesterday, we also had to quarantine one of our officers because of a potential COVID-19 exposure, thus reducing our manpower further. It is my intention to start a Traffic Action Team once we are fully staffed, and this team will target problem areas and focus on addressing specific citizen complaints in specific areas. Until such time, know that our officers are conducting traffic enforcement when they are able, and when their reports are complete, the directive is that they will conduct pro-active patrols, including traffic enforcement.

In just the past couple of weeks, I have directed our officers to have a strong presence in the school zones, and they have had to take enforcement action for crosswalk violations and for drivers who have circumvented the school bus stop sign, something which is extremely dangerous. We also have a grant from CDOT to conduct targeted DUI enforcement, which is another means of us focusing on traffic issues.

Please take the time to read the attached article from one of my high school friends, Deputy Dan Sperry, who lost his daughter, Makayla, when a motorist struck her and killed her when getting off a school bus. The purpose of traffic enforcement is safety, and this is a goal we are committed to. But also understand we cannot be everywhere at once, we have limited resources, and our officers are handling many different calls related to public safety, some of which have a higher priority than others. Traffic safety on all our streets is important to us, but the school zones are our main focus right now until we can increase staffing. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me or stop in and see me, and we can work on mutual ideas to increase traffic safety in Buena Vista. Respectfully, Chief Dean Morgan…/she-was-killed-when-a-driver-fail…/…

She was killed when a driver failed to stop for a school bus. A deputy is working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. | East Idaho News

BONNEVILLE COUNTY — Responding to a wreck like the Friday involving a school bus and a truck may seem like the normal duties of any deputy or police officer. But, for Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputy Daniel Sperry, bus crashes have taken on a different meaning. “Unfortunately, in 2011 my dau…

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