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Possible Community Exposure to COVID-19 at Flo-Jo’s Tavern Hall The Las Animas-…

2020-11-05 19:09:46

Possible Community Exposure to COVID-19 at Flo-Jo’s Tavern Hall

The Las Animas-Huerfano Counties District Health Department is notifying patrons of the Flo-Jo’s Tavern Hall at 125 N Chestnut St, Trinidad of possible exposure to COVID-19. The exposure date is October 31, 2020.

“Anyone who visited the Flo-Jo’s Tavern Hall on October 31, 2020, should monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 for at least 14-days after being at the location,” said Kim Gonzales, Director of the Las Animas Huerfano Counties District Health Department. “Flo-Jo’s Tavern Hall is following public health guidelines to clean and disinfect their business and assist in the contact tracing. We appreciate their cooperation and concern for their community,” stated Gonzales.

►During the contact tracing investigation, it was found patrons did not provide accurate or complete contact information when signing in on the COVID-19 Onsite Screening form when arriving at the bar. Because of this public health is not able to identify everyone who may have been exposed. Public health is relying on the community to share this important information for patrons of the Flo-Jo’s Tavern Hall.

Individuals who were at Flo-Jo’s Tavern Hall during the noted time frame, showing any symptoms, even mild, should remain at home, contact their health care provider, and get tested.

The FREE COVID-19 testing is available at the Las Animas County Justice Center, 2309 E. Main Street, Trinidad, on November 7th from 9:00am to Noon.


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