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COVID-19 Daily Report | Thursday, November 12, 2020: Updated Mask Guidance: &qu…

2020-11-12 19:07:03

COVID-19 Daily Report | Thursday, November 12, 2020:

Updated Mask Guidance: "Wearing a mask protects the wearer, and not just other people, from the coronavirus, the CDC emphasized in an updated scientific brief issued Tuesday (read it here:…/2…/more/masking-science-sars-cov2.html) and the protective benefits of masks are stronger the more people wear masks consistently and correctly, the agency says."

Risk Levels: Based on hitting the metric of 45 active cases/10,000 population, Madison County will be raised to the Critical Risk (red) Level. They join Teton and Lemhi Counties at this risk level with Bonneville County quickly escalating towards it, as well. Please review the COVID-19 Regional Response Plan to determine what choices can be made to ensure the health and safety of yourself, your loved ones, and the greater community. You will notice that the risk reduction strategies do not escalate as risk levels increase because the strategies are always the same which are staying home when sick or pending a test result for COVID-19, washing your hands or using hand sanitizer, maintaining six feet distance between people not of your household, and wearing a mask when you are not able to maintain six feet of distance or distance is hard to maintain. Avoiding hosting and attending gatherings/events is also advisable. The Response Plan is posted on our website (link below) under the COVID-19 case count graph and to the left of the colorful risk dial.

We have 198 new cases of COVID-19 to report today. The cases are in the following counties: Bonneville (95), Custer (7), Fremont (15), Jefferson (11), Lemhi (15), Madison (50), and Teton (5). As of today, there are 54 residents from our health district hospitalized due to COVID-19 and an additional 8 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 that live outside our health district for a total of 62. We are also saddened to report the death of three community members: a man in his 60s from Bonneville County, a woman in her 80s from Bonneville County, and a woman in her 70s from Fremont County. This brings the total number of COVID-19 deaths in our health district to 74.

Go to our dashboard for case details, plan metrics, number of people released from monitoring (10,928), and other useful information. 😷⬅️6ft➡️😷 #WashYourHands


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