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*****LEVEL YELLOW CONCERN…So What Does That Mean?***** Effective November 20,…

*****LEVEL YELLOW CONCERN…So What Does That Mean?*****

Effective November 20, 2020 at 12:00 a.m.

The CDPHE issued Public Health Order 20-36 COVID-19 on November 2, 2020. Fremont County exceeded Level Blue: Safer at home Cautious incidence threshold established in the Dial on October 14, 2020. This order is being issued in order to prevent movement in the Dial to Level Orange: Safer at Home High Risk, and the further restrictions that this change would require in Fremont County,
The following is ordered:

1. Organized recreational and league sports:
• Limited to 2 spectators per player with no more than 50% of capacity, up to 50 spectators for indoor facilities and 75 for outdoor facilities. All teams and facilities participating in recreational and league sports must submit complete rosters, schedules, location of games/practices and contact information (to include names, phone numbers and email addresses) of all team members or parents of youth who participate prior to the teams playing in any league events, including practice. Failure of patents, facilities, coaches and/or team organizers to cooperate with contact tracing may result in the league or season being suspended or cancelled.

2. Personal indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to no more than
10 people from no more than 10 two separate households
• Nothing in this order prohibits the gathering of members living in the
same household.

A personal gathering includes social gatherings at individual residences. It does not include gatherings of family members who reside at the residence. It does not include gatherings at business places allowed to operate pursuant to state and local health orders.

a. Employees and volunteers of any business, government, nonprofit, or
not-for-profit entity while performing work for such entity;
b. Any school sanctioned educational activity;
c. Any life rites, such as weddings, graduations, funerals, other religious
rites, and worship services, as authorized by and conducted in strict
compliance with Colorado Public Health Order 20-36;
d. Organized events that meet the criteria in Appendix I of CDPHE
Order 20-36 for Indoor and Outdoor Events and have been approved
by the Fremont County Department of Health and Environment
through the plan review channel;
e. Participation in any activity required by law.

3. Restaurants and bars permitted to operate under CDPHE order 20-
36 shall cease alcohol beverage sales to consumers for on-premises
consumption and for takeout at 11:00 P.M.

4. All Non-Critical Office-Based Businesses are encouraged to further
increase remote work options and reduce in-person work to the
greatest extent possible.

5. Individuals participating in gatherings must follow all public health
laws and orders concerning Face Coverings and must comply with
Social Distancing Requirements whenever possible.

6. In the event that the Fremont County Health Department determines
that an outbreak of COVID-19 is traceable to a particular business,
the business may be required to close for up to 72 hours to clean and
disinfect the facilities and test the employees,

7. If the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, or
local municipalities have more stringent requirement or standard

Further Guidance visit

General Information for all persons affected by this order

FCDPHE is tasked with protecting the health and welfare of the citizens of Fremont County, Colorado by investigating ad controlling the causes of epidemic and communicable disease. This Order is necessary to control any potential transmission of disease to others. Immediate issuance of this order is necessary for the preservation of public health, safety, or welfare.

Any person aggrieved and affected by this Order has the right to request judicial review; an action with the Fremont County District Court within 90 days of date of this Order, pursuant to section 25-1-515, Colorado Revised Statutes. However, compliance with the terms of this Order is required while any request for review is pending.

This Order remains in effect until November 30, 2020, unless otherwise extended or amended in writing

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